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Withdrawal Symptom Managment

NEM Recovery Centers prioritizes the critical phase of drug and alcohol detox, offering a safe and secure environment where individuals can begin their path to sobriety. Our medical detox program is designed with a focus on comfort, employing the latest medical protocols to ensure that withdrawal symptoms are managed effectively and with minimal discomfort.

Prioritizing Comfort + Safety

What Happens During Detox?

Understanding the challenges associated with detoxification, especially from substances like alcohol, benzodiazepines, and opiates, our approach is to prioritize the comfort of our clients above all. Withdrawal from these substances can be uncomfortable and dangerous, making it essential to be under the care of medical professionals. We offer a medical withdrawal process that is as pain-free as possible, ensuring that each individual is ready and able to move forward with further treatment once detox is completed.

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The Goal of drug detox

Readiness for Recovery

The ultimate aim of medical detox at NEM is to prepare our clients for the next stages of their recovery. By alleviating the immediate physical dependencies in a compassionate setting, we set the groundwork for addressing the deeper, underlying issues contributing to substance use disorders. While we managing physical symptoms, our goal is to ensure that clients are mentally and emotionally prepared to engage fully in the therapeutic process that follows.

First Step - Stabilization

Do I Need Detox?

We determine if medical detox is needed by learning about your substance abuse history and doing a comprehensive assessment conducted by our experienced medical team at NEM. This evaluation considers the substance(s) used, the duration of use, and the severity of dependency. For many, particularly those using substances with a high physical dependency potential, medical stabilization is an indispensable first step in building a foundation for treatment to be effective.

What to Expect

The Process of Medical Detox

Upon entering our detox program, clients are thoroughly assessed to tailor a detox plan that addresses their specific needs. This plan includes round-the-clock medical supervision, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to mitigate withdrawal symptoms, and constant reassessment to adjust care as needed. Our medical team works closely with clients throughout this phase, ensuring physical stabilization 24/7. We recognize that the decision to seek help is a significant one. By starting your journey with us, you’re laying down the roots for a healthier, substance-free life.

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