origin story

From the moment I embraced the miracles of recovery, I knew my journey was leading me towards a greater purpose. My dream has been to extend the same lifeline that was offered to me during my lowest point. I believe that people cross our paths for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, and my path intersecting with the incredible team from the Hopeaholics Podcast and Infiniti Group was a clear sign of my destiny unfolding.

Their support and collaboration have been instrumental in realizing my vision of NEM Recovery Centers. This is not just a treatment center; it’s the embodiment of my dream to pay forward the help I received at rock bottom. It’s about sharing the tools, mindset, and discipline that have been have been integral to my own sobriety. 

Through small group offerings led by hand selected clinicians and addiction experts, against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful beaches on earth, we invite you the opportunity to experience the thrill of a life well-lived.