Activities That Inspire and Challenge

Leveraging Laguna Beach's Natural Gym

Nestled against the stunning backdrop of Laguna Beach, with the Pacific Ocean’s waves and Southern California’s landscapes as our gym, we’ve crafted a recovery experience where physical rejuvenation plays a central role.

Our location offers an unparalleled opportunity to engage in a variety of physical activities that boost physical health and mental well-being.

Clients enjoy:

  • Beach Workouts: Utilizing the natural resistance of sand and surf for full-body workouts that are as revitalizing as they are challenging.
  • Hiking: Exploring the trails that crisscross the Laguna coastline, offering both physical exercise and a chance to connect with nature’s healing energy.
  • Yoga: Practicing on the beach at sunrise or sunset, fostering mindfulness, flexibility, and strength.
  • Surfing and Paddleboarding: Embracing the ocean’s therapeutic power through activities that improve balance, focus, and physical endurance.

Nutritional Wellness

Fueling Recovery From Within

Understanding and implementing nutritional wellness is a cornerstone of our approach. Through workshops led by nutritionists, clients learn how food affects mood, energy levels, and overall health. These sessions cover:

Balanced Meal Planning: Crafting plans that support physical recovery and mental health.

The Science of Nutrition: Understanding how different foods can support sobriety and overall well-being.

Practical Cooking Skills: Teaching clients to prepare healthy meals, ensuring they can continue good eating habits beyond their time at NEM.

two women playing with a ball during rehab

A Commitment to Lasting Health

Building Habits for a Lifetime

The goal of integrating physical fitness and health into our recovery program provide  immediate benefits of increased energy and improved mood. This helps instill a love for a healthy lifestyle that clients will carry with them for life. As clients grow stronger, gain confidence, and see the tangible benefits of living well, they build a foundation for sobriety that is difficult to shake. This transformation is so profound that many clients report feeling so good—physically and mentally—that the idea of returning to their previous lifestyle is unimaginable.

The Ripple Effect

Carrying Wellness into the World

The habits formed at NEM extend far beyond the individual. Clients leave with a renewed sense of self and the tools and knowledge to inspire those around them. The impact of witnessing a loved one return home with a vibrant glow, a passion for physical activity, and a commitment to healthful living can motivate friends and family members to pursue their own health goals.

At NEM Recovery Centers, physical fitness and health are a way of life. By integrating these essential components into our program, against the idyllic setting of Laguna Beach, we offer a path to recovery that rejuvenates the body, refreshes the mind, and renews the spirit.

Discover a Life Beyond Addiction